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                                            Oh, my dear Cricket," said Pinocchio, bowing politely.───哦,我亲爱的蟋蟀。”皮诺乔说着,礼貌地鞠了一躬。
Teachers begin with a formal address and mutual bowing, and then concentrate on whole-class teaching.───老师们首先进行了正式致辞并相互鞠躬,然后专注于全班教学。
In the United States, however, bowing or any type of submissive body posture is particularly irritating, for it tends to connote undue formality, aristocracy, and a nonverbal denial of egalitarianism.───然而,在美国,鞠躬或任何形式的顺从的身体姿势都特别令人恼火,因为它往往意味着不适当的礼节、贵族作风和对平等主义的非语言否认。
Before I came out here, I saw two peonies in front of the Buddha statue They were beautiful After I finished bowing, I sat down.───刚才从内室出来之前要礼佛的时候,在佛前看到两朵很美的牡丹花,礼佛完毕之后就坐了下来。
Eric was very touched by the moment, bowing his head to thank the audience for giving him a chance to share. . .───启贤一时很感动的向大家鞠躬,谢谢大家给他机会分享。
"Well, then, good-afternoon, " said the Procureur, bowing his head, evidently anxious to be rid of this strange visitor.───“再见,”检察官鞠躬说,显然想尽快摆脱这个古怪的来访者。
and contrary to my command has worshiped other gods, bowing down to them or to the sun or the moon or the stars of the sky.───去事奉别的神,并且敬拜它们,敬拜太阳或月亮,或任何天象,是我耶和华没有吩咐的;
"Kill me! Oh, kill me! " said the poor duckling, and he waited for his death bowing his head towards the water.───“杀死我吧,噢,杀死我吧!”可怜的小鸭说着朝水中低头,等待死亡的来临。但他在清澈的水中看到什么样了呢?
Bowing to the wishes of Hillary Clinton, who blocked him from his preferred field of foreign policy, Craig was made White House Counsel.───尽管克雷格首选外交政策领域,但被希拉里所阻,只得在后者的要求下成为了白宫顾问。
                                            She was beginning to tire of all their bowing and scraping.
I'm bowing out of this scheme I don't approve of it.
The cellist's bowing was very sensitive .
It's embarrassing to see staff bowing and scraping to the new director.
After thirty years in politics, he is finally bowing out.
He'll be bowing out at the end of the week, after presenting the programme for ten years.
She'll be bowing out at the end of the month, after presenting the programme for eight years.
They were bowing as the king and queen walking in.
Corbett entered the room, bowing respectfully.